Tutorial How to Create Your Photos and Drawings Into Clip Art With Paint.Net Program

Tutorial How to Create Your Photos and Drawings Into Clip Art With Paint.Net ProgramUsing online clip art may get you in trouble legal issues, because some of the clip art images have a copyright. And, it is not cool when you use the same clip art with most of the people. In fact, there are several situs judi bola web on the internet that provides clip art image for free. And, if you are looking for new illustration for your greeting card, educational works, etc, now you can create your customized clip art from your images and your drawing. And, this tutorial will use Paint.NET program, it is an edit photo software let you to produce image enhancement including creating clip art. It lets you explore a bunch of free images to edit. Now, lets start making your clip art from your photos and drawing.

Make sure that you have download Paint.net and install it in your PC. Luckily, this software is free to download. After that, you should to choose an image that you would turn into clip art. You can use whatever image or drawing. In this case, we used a lion. Next, to highlight the image you want, you can use the select tool in the top-left toolbar. Now, you need to open an untick visible and a black page. In this project, I use 3600 x 3600 pixels, 300 pixel/inches and 12x 12. Besides, you can use any size to create your project. Add your images onto the black pages by dragging onto it or cut and paste your desired image onto your black page. If you use small images as I do, you can click on View menu bar on the top them zoom for making the easier. After that, you may require to remove all the background. There are two ways to make the thing done easier. You can use the magic wand tool which can handle on delicate areas, use the eraser tool to finish the missed the areas. Another way to erase the background you can use the eraser that you can adjust the setting to erase the background.

Now, continue to highlight and make sure that all the background have been erased and all the surrounding areas gets transparent. After satisfying with the result, one you can crop the image using the select tool. Then, you can save your project by pressing Ctrl+S. Do not forget to change the file format into .png, so your clip art has a transparent background. And, click OK button. Viola! Your clip art from your photo is ready to use.

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