The Hottest Apps for Designers

The Hottest Apps for DesignersYour work as a designer depends so much on tools. You may already have plenty of them on your computer right now so you may wonder why you need more. Well, as long as the memory capacity supports, the more the better, right? But of course, you cannot just download and install any apps like you are in frenzy or something lest your computer might run a little too sluggish than usual—something that every designer hates, for sure. So, only get apps that are truly beneficial to your work and stay updated on upcoming upgrade for each of them.

Evernote seems to be designers’ favorite these days. It may not directly help you with designing stuff but it is so much helpful when it comes to keeping ideas and getting everything organized all the time. Using cloud-based storage system, the agen bola terpercaya app can be used across all gadgets: smartphones, tablets, desktop. The app is also smart in that it allows you to clip a webpage and save it as a material for later read. Adobe Photoshop Express comes from, well, you know who. The app is meant for mobile use so you shouldn’t expect anything like intense editing or something. But the app is indeed powerful when it comes to giving you a chance to do a little touchup job.

Behance is the definitive online app for designers. It allows you to collect your work and arrange a portfolio for potential clients to look into. Cloud On makes it possible for you to edit any formats of Microsoft Office files. You can now edit any documents on the go and sync everything with other platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive. iA Writer is an app for writers out there. The app is simple but as of yet is only available for users of iDevices.

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