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How to Make Your Own Clip Art Images Using Adobe Photoshop for Mac and Windows

Guides for Students: How to Become Social WorkersThe use of clip art helps to make your work looking more interesting. Clip art image is a small and simple graphics that are used for different purposes, you can use limit for web pages to newsletter decoration. Basically, every word program provides clip arts that you can use for free. And, if you are looking for extraordinary clip art, there are many sites that provide you a free clip art images. In the case, you want to customize your clip art image for your blog or something, Adobe Photoshop will be the best software tool for clip art images that is compatible for Mac and Windows. Adobe Photoshop is a great photo editing software that enables you do anything related to digital picture. Creating clip art image is an easy stuff to make with Photoshop. Make sure that you have downloaded Photoshop Application and installed the software in your PC whether for Windows and Mac.

Here is the tutorial for creating clip art. First open the software from the menu bar, next go to the top — left corner and click Fileand choose and click Open. After that go to Insertand select your desired images from the windows to the Photoshop. Or, you can just drag in into the Photoshop. After that from the toolbar on the left side, select Magnetic lasso toolor Quick selection toolto choose the borders of your images. For image with a plain background, you can choose Magic wand tool. You can select the images along boundary using that tools, after that press Von your keyboard to switch. Here, you will find cursor with scissors when you hover the mouse to the selected images, you can cut and copy selection by pressing Ctrl + X and Ctrl + C. Then, create new page by clicking Fileon the top-left corner or just by pressing Ctrl+N, and choose background as Transparent. Now, you just need to paste your copied or cut image by pressing Ctrl+V and save your images as .png format. Press Ctrl+S to save your work on the computer.

You need to keep in mind that clip art images is used for decorating your works like judi bola website or newsletter, it means that it should have a transparent background, right? So, the image format should be .png to create transparent background for your clip art. And, actually, there are still various software that you can use to make your clip art images. So, that is all the tutorials, hope it helps you so much. And happy trying, guys!


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Some Recommendation of Application for Clip Arts

Some Recommendation of Application for Clip Arts

Clip art image is interesting. The image can be great addition on pages or documents. Moreover, there are many other things to do with the clip arts. They can be made into great part of greeting cards. Then, they can be made into great icons. Actually, computer has provided you with clip arts when you want to use it. There are also many in websites and you can find them by using search engine. This will not be too difficult to do. However, there are copyright in most of the clip arts, so you cannot take them easily and use them without permission. When you use them for logos and other things and its owner knows it, you can get problems. That is why there are some recommendations of software for clip arts.

Nova Development US Art Explosion 800,000 is the first application or software to choose. This software is available for Windows and Mac, so you do not need to worry if you have different operating system. Then, there are many kinds of judi bola clip arts. Thousands of clip arts can be obtained and those are for free right after you buy the software. You do not need to have additional costs. They are yours when you have bought this software. You also do not need to download any of them. They are ready to use right after you install by using the CDs. Then, the good point is that you do not need to worry about the format. You can have many kinds of format, so they are not just for JPG or JPEG format. The arts can be in GIF, TIF, and even WMF format. With these various format, you will have no difficulties to apply the clip art, and they are ready to use in other programs, so it is not limited to a single program of software. Then, the arts are categories in some points, so you can find the most suitable easily.

Then, there is also Art Explosion 750,000. This is also from Nova Development. There are some differences compared to the previous application although they are from the same developer. This application can work well in its categorization of library. There are around 100 genres and these catalogues can be opened easily. When you need to find pictures, you can type a keyword and there will be some suggestions based on the keyword that you request. Moreover, the images are in great quality, so they can be enlarged and its image quality will not be worse. The images are also in vector format, so it is flexible to resize them.

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Tutorial How to Create Your Photos and Drawings Into Clip Art With Paint.Net Program

Tutorial How to Create Your Photos and Drawings Into Clip Art With Paint.Net ProgramUsing online clip art may get you in trouble legal issues, because some of the clip art images have a copyright. And, it is not cool when you use the same clip art with most of the people. In fact, there are several sites on the internet that provides clip art image for free. And, if you are looking for new illustration for your greeting card, educational works, etc, now you can create your customized clip art from your images and your drawing. And, this tutorial will use Paint.NET program, it is an edit photo software let you to produce image enhancement including creating clip art. It lets you explore a bunch of free images to edit. Now, lets start making your clip art from your photos and drawing.

Make sure that you have download and install it in your PC. Luckily, this agen bola software is free to download. After that, you should to choose an image that you would turn into clip art. You can use whatever image or drawing. In this case, we used a lion. Next, to highlight the image you want, you can use the select tool in the top-left toolbar. Now, you need to open an untick visible and a black page. In this project, I use 3600 x 3600 pixels, 300 pixel/inches and 12x 12. Besides, you can use any size to create your project. Add your images onto the black pages by dragging onto it or cut and paste your desired image onto your black page. If you use small images as I do, you can click on View menu bar on the top them zoom for making the easier. After that, you may require to remove all the background. There are two ways to make the thing done easier. You can use the magic wand tool which can handle on delicate areas, use the eraser tool to finish the missed the areas. Another way to erase the background you can use the eraser that you can adjust the setting to erase the background.

Now, continue to highlight and make sure that all the background have been erased and all the surrounding areas gets transparent. After satisfying with the result, one you can crop the image using the select tool. Then, you can save your project by pressing Ctrl+S. Do not forget to change the file format into .png, so your clip art has a transparent background. And, click OK button. Viola! Your clip art from your photo is ready to use.

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Two Top Rated Clip Art Image Applications for Windows and Mac in 2018

Two Top Rated Clip Art Image Applications for Windows and Mac in 2018Clip art can be used for any illustration but sometimes designed for sale or distribution. Actually, a bouch example of clip arts are available for free on the internet but it is not cool when you have the same design of clip art with others. But, there are some clip art that has a copyright and could get you in trouble if you use it for making profit. To avoid its inconvenience, you may need to buy clip art software that will help you to create cool and different images. You can create your custom clip art without feeling guilty of stealing others and risking legal issues. Here, we have brought top rated clip art software to let you do what you want in creating.

We suggest you to buy ClickArt 950k Version 2, this software is widely available on Amazon. There are various good points of using ClickArt 950k. This clip art software also provides great art library including fonts, vector images and color images. When you create a clip art, your image will be displayed with outstanding detail. An art illustration program lets expand images. The software also give extensive online library for saving time and space in searching for disks. Besides, the ClickArt 959k is known as an extensive clip art libraries with over 200,000 vector images that let you adjust the size. There are also thousands of fonts and more than one hundred thousand images for your custom design projects. It also has fresh images that have not been used. And, this clip art library is compatible with Windows 2000 and several new operating systems.

Nova Development US Art Explosion 800,000 is our first top rated clip art software for you. There are something that should be highlighted. Like the previous software, this software have a massive library of images and graphics that you do not need to download it. It also provides images with a popular format. You will easily find your desired images because the images are classified in some categories. This software works in its best for popular operating system including Mac and PC. At least there are 800,000 images provided by the programs without downloading. And, all the graphics and images are known to have high-quality and more than 600,000 images are colored. Fortunately, you will get popular file formats including JPG, TIF, WMF, and JPG.